Help For Hypocrisy – Part 2

Help For Hypocrisy – Part 2

-Pastor Daniel Williams

In the first part of my post, earlier last week, we looked the obvious reality that hypocrisy plays in all of our lives. (Click here to read part I) This time, I want to point out the role that the gospel plays in freeing us from spiritual thespiansism.

I remember watching a skit by a comedian who pretended to be an actor. He would go through this elaborate over embellishment about things he had done and then declare, “I was Acting!” Then he would address himself as “Master Thespian.” I’m sure we can all relate and remember times when we’ve pretended to act spiritually. But what help has God provided us? Where would God have us turn to find help from hypocrisy? The answer? The Gospel!

You see, where the gospel of grace has not penetrated, we pretend. Where the gospel of grace has not taken root, we act. It is only when the gospel takes root in that area of our lives that we can experience the power to not pretend. We go to the cross, upon which Jesus died, and there we behold, not a man pretending to be punished for sin, but the God-man, fully enduring the wrath of God on our behalf. We go to the Word of God and see a genuine display of love from a man who has never “pretended” to love us. His love for us is always real and always genuine.

In His gospel, the apostle John tells us in 17:23, that the Father loves us with the same love with which He loves His Son. And John 15:9 reminds us that as the Father has loved the Son so the Son loves us. When the reality of these truths sinks in, it begins to bring about a gospel motivation that can alter our lives. It is the kind of motivation that enables us to lay down our acting masks. We no longer feel the need to hide behind them. But instead, we can find refuge in the cross. You see, we are sometimes tempted to think that our worth is found in how we perform, or in our failure to perform. But the truth is, it’s found in Christ’s performance for us. This is how Gospel motivation works in the lives of believers. And by His grace, we can discover that, the likeness of Jesus is not left up to us to fabricate.

May God, the Holy Spirit, be pleased to apply the gospel to every area of our lives where it is needed.  May we see it and receive it into our minds and hearts, and may it fill up our bloodstreams. May we anticipate His spiritual work within us: manifesting sin, applying forgiveness, revealing Jesus, creating joy and love for God and others. This is what we have to look forward to brothers and sisters. May God be pleased to bring the gospel to us on every front.

By His Grace and for His Glory


-Daniel Williams