Silent No Longer (Part II)

Silent No Longer (Part II)

-Pastor Erik Reed

In the last blog post on this subject, I wrote about my growing conviction to a voice for the unborn. I outlined how I believe that the history books will show that Christians were too silent on this issue. In this post, which will not be lengthy, I want to propose a couple of questions to ponder on this subject.

First, many who are pro-choice like to justify abortion on the grounds that a “fetus” is not yet a child. In other words, the moment of conception is not when the life of the child begins. What these arguments and claims allow, for people on this side of the debate, is the chance to feel relief from the horror of having to call abortion what it is: killing a baby. This argument, that life does not begin at the moment of conception, relieves them of having to deal with the human rights infringement that abortion really is. My question to those who would deploy this argument for their use would be this: what has been conceived in the womb? Is there really any question as to what a fetus is? Are we all somehow confused about what might develop from this fetus that is conceived? I have never heard anyone say, “I’m pregnant. I wonder what may start growing in my womb, a pumpkin or a lamp?” No, no one I know has ever asked that question. Why? Because we all know what a fetus is. It is a baby. Period. It is a living human being that will grow and develop to the point of being ready to be delivered. This baby’s right to grow in the womb of its mother should be protected with all vigilance.

Second, if a pregnant woman is inside a store and, while paying, a gunman comes in to rob the place. In the process he fatally shoots her, killing her and her unborn baby. My question is this: will this gunman, and should this gunman be charged with two counts of murder? You want to know what most people answer? They answer, “Yes.” You know why they answer, “Yes?” Because we all know that there is a living human being, in that womb, whose life was just taken. Interestingly enough, even those who are pro-choice would say that the gunman should be charged with two counts of murder, yet when they turn around and look at the subject of abortion, they lose all faculties of reason and logic and argue the very opposite.

Friends, I have no bones to pick with women who have had an abortion. My heart goes out to them. I pray for them, and pray that they would confess before the Lord their error and find His forgiveness. I do not want to be counted among the silent when the history books tell the story of the mass genocide of babies that marked the 20th and 21st centuries.

May God have mercy on us.

-Erik Reed