What Makes A Man?

What Makes A Man?

– Pastor Robbie Cheuvront

In today’s society, the definition of a man has become disgustingly diluted. We’re shown the images on TV of overweight slobs who come home from a day’s work, only to sit on the couch and ignore his family; informing his wife that he’s “off duty” and that it’s her responsibility to take care of the kids. Or, we’re shown the other end of the spectrum, which is the idiot husband who is grossly inept at accomplishing anything, let alone lead his family, all portrayed in the light of humor.

What I fear has happened, is that society has demeaned the role of a man in the family. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen an upstanding leading man on television who stands for principle, has a strong sense of conviction, and a tenderness that shows real love to his family. I think the last one I can recall might be Cosby. But this shouldn’t surprise us right? Our enemy has worked long and hard to diminish the role of a man in his family. He knows that God has, in His creative order, ordained that the man be the head of the family; that the man be the responsible figure, accountable to God for leading in the home. But God has given us the greatest example of what a real man looks like: Jesus Christ!

Friends, do not fall for the lies that the world would sell you about what a man should be. A real man is not defined by how many women he’s shared his bed with. A real man is not defined by how many hours he works at a job, or how much money he makes. A real man is not defined by his diminished role as scapegoat, or comic punchline at the expense of his family.

A real man is one who understands the weight and responsibility of what God has placed upon him: to love God with all his heart, to serve his family by loving them and showing them the example of who Christ was and how He lived, and to lead his family, bearing the weight and responsibility of his family for their spiritual growth. Make no mistake. On the day when Christ returns, men… you will stand and give an account for how you led your family, what you did with Christ, and how you served your fellow man. Do not be misled by the lying portrait that society would have you believe is a real man. There is only one example of what that truly looks like. And it’s found in the Holy Scriptures, God’s word.

Men, step up and own your responsibility. Women, pray for your husbands and fathers and sons. Help hold them accountable to the roles God has placed upon them. And encourage them by letting them know that what you desire, more than anything, is a man who lives his life the way Jesus did.

Lecrae, perhaps one of the most up and coming influential rap artists (believe it or not!), has given his life to exalt Christ. Listen to what he has to say about it.

Grace and peace to you all.

-Robbie Cheuvront