About Us

About Us

The Journey Story

The Journey Church Hartsville was a church plant from a church in Lebanon Tennessee, The Journey Church Lebanon, which started on Easter Sunday 2010. The Journey Church Lebanon started in the summer of 2005, a group of approximately 40 people gathered together and rallied behind the vision that God had given the Reed and Rountree families for a new church in the Lebanon/Wilson County, TN area. The dream was that God would use this group of people to plant a church that would serve as a point of hope and inspiration to those who have yet to step into a relationship with Jesus Christ. This group began meeting every Sunday morning that August to pray and discuss values that would shape the church. During this time, an initiative was launched that would prepare the building they were meeting in for the much anticipated launch of the church to the public. This initiative was entitled: The Extreme Church Makeover. During this project, hundreds of people from all over the community donated labor and materials to turn a strip center into a gathering place that had a contemporary vibe and was conducive to hosting families and children for ministry purposes. After the completion of this project, The Journey officially opened its doors to the public on Sunday, January 22nd, 2006. Since that day, The Journey has looked to serve the surrounding community by being a church that accepts people where they are on their journey and seeks to lead them into an ever-growing relationship with Jesus Christ. The story of what God is doing through The Journey has started, but it continues daily through those who have committed themselves to serving as a part of it. You too can contribute to that story of what God is doing! Start by coming to one of our worship services at one of our campuses.

While the worship by praise and always been live, at first the sermons was pre-recorded and shown using a projector. As time went one a pastor was found to lead the Journey Church Hartsville, with the guidance form the Elder team form The Journey Church Lebanon. As time went one two men from our congregation was selected to God’s leading and guidance to be elders for the Hartsville campus, this brought our church leadership to three. A second church plant was started from The Journey Church Lebanon in Mt. Juliet Tennessee. With this new church plant it became more clear that the church plants would need to eventually be able to stand independent from the Lebanon campus, so the elders from all three locations started praying and working on what direction God was leading them for the church to no longer be one church with multiple locations but three separate churches. After about a year, the two church plants was indipendant from the Lebanon Campus. The elders at what was once the known as the HArtsville Campus of The Journey Church, decided to keep the name The Journey Church Hartsville.

We still have a very similar setup as to when the church was originally planted that Easter Sunday… We have live worship by singing praises to God, Communion is taken each week, and the sermon is delivered an elder or pastor. Also while church is going on, we have an area downstairs where the kids have their own time to learn about God and the Bible. We have only one way in and out of this area, also the children are signed in and out by either a parent or a guardian while at the same time restricting access to this area by everyone that is not a children’s ministry worker.

Culture of The Journey

The Journey is a place where people from all backgrounds, races, and religious experiences are welcome. First-time visitors usually find that this eclectic mix of people is friendly and open to newcomers. For people who are exploring faith, The Journey is a safe place to ask questions. However, these questions can lead you down a path toward God that will change your life forever. Come join us on the journey!

Structure and Leadership

The Journey Church is an elder-led church. We believe the Scriptures are clear on elder leadership being the primary governing body of the local church. These are to be people who are qualified in line with Scriptures (1Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9).

The Journey also has a team of paid staff that serves to fulfill the day-to-day operations of the church. These roles include that of administrative, pastoral, technical, and other misc. roles.


The Journey is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, the Tennessee Baptist Convention and the Bledsoe Baptist Association. For more information about each organization, please click on their name.