Message: “i AM series week #3” from MATT BROWN, PASTOR

MATT BROWN, PASTOR - May 8, 2016


The Story

This week Pastor Matt Brown continues with our 28th sermon in our sermon series, The Story. In this sermon, Paster Matt preaches about Baptism. We will look at what is baptism, why do we get baptized, and who is to be baptized. Why we do baptize? Often times, we do things without understanding why and never ask why we do them. Some churches have a built-in baptism pool, others go down to a creek or river, we have a Rubbermaid horse water trough. What is Baptism Baptism mean to be dipped under water, submerged. Why is it important? Because Jesus said to do it. Who should be baptized? Believers, people whom have put faith in Jesus for dying for their sins. The sermon references used in the sermon today is... ACTS 8:26-36, DEUTERONOMY 23:1, ISAIAH 56:3-8, & ACTS 8:38-40

From Series: "The Story"

Have you ever wondered what the Bible is all about? Who wrote it? Why is it so important? What does it have to tell us about God, Jesus, sin, salvation, redemption, and more. We started this series on September and will conclude it in February 2016.

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