Message: “YOUR HEARTS 3 GREAT QUESTIONS…” from Mike Pennington

Message: “YOUR HEARTS 3 GREAT QUESTIONS…” from Mike Pennington

Mike Pennington - January 1, 2017


I. Jesus and His Servants (Slaves) A relationship of Grace v. 4 He loves us He washed us He made us kings and priests Salvation is all of Jesus!! 2. A Relationship of Responsibility v. 3 Read Hear Obey and be blessed! Relationship leads to Proclamation As Bond-slaves in an obedient relationship of Grace, we proclaim Him. King of Kings! Lord of Lords! II. Jesus and His Character He is God v. 4
 He was and is and is to come v. 4 Alpha and Omega v. 8
 He is the Faithful Witness v. 5
 The Resurrected One v. 5
 Ruler of Kings v. 5 III. Jesus and His Mission Coming again v. 7
 All will know Him. All will mourn Jesus and His Mission To prepare the church for life, ministry, and suffering. V. 9-10
 To Encourage the Churches 5:1
Only Jesus can open the scroll John looked for a Lion . . . And He saw a Lamb Jesus and His Glory White robe and golden sash
Speaks of Purity and Royalty,.
He is King Jesus 2. White hair – Wisdom and experience
Jesus deserves this position
 3. Eyes aflame with fire – v. 14
Penetrating, purifying, examining, burning up all that is not His! His voice, v. 15 – Authority
 Mouth, v. 16 – Two-edged sword

The Word of God – sharp and penetrating å. Face shining like the Sun, v. 16

The Glory shines – flame of fire Our Response Fall at His feet as dead – Worship!!
 Be raised up by the Living Lord Jesus
 Obey Him, Serve Him

From Series: "Stand Alone Sermons"

In between series, or sometimes in the midst of series, God will prompt a message that we feel needs to be given. This is a collection of those talks, not associated with a series.

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