Children of Adam, Declared Innocent by Christ

Children of Adam, Declared Innocent by Christ

-Pastor Erik Reed


In my previous post, I discussed our guilt from birth in Adam. All of humanity are branches that stem from the root of Adam. If anyone is to ever be made right before God and have their guilt removed, they must be cut and grafted to a new tree, with a new root system. Another analogy can be deployed here. Think of the role of the President of the United States. No matter where he is in the world, he represents the people of the United States. When he speaks, he speaks for the people. He is the federal head of the country. In the same way, Adam is the federal head of all humanity. What Adam has done represents all those under him. In the United States, if the people want a new federal head to represent them to the world, they must vote for a new president when election time arrives. In the same way, if people are ever going to be declared guiltless before God, a new federal head must stand to represent them. This is what the gospel of Jesus Christ declares has happened.

God has sent forth His Son, Jesus, to stand as a new federal head to all who put their faith in him. To all who put their faith and trust in him, believing his death became a substitution for them, and that he rose from the grave, they are reborn, no longer under Adam, but in Christ.

What does the analogy of the tree (roots and branches) and the president show as the primary issue which determines our guilt or innocence before God? What is the determining factor as to which federal head (Adam or Christ) we will be judged by?

– Pastor Erik Reed