Children of Adam, Guilty by Birth

-Pastor Erik Reed


It does not take being an expert in trees to know that if the root system of a tree is diseased, it will affect the entire tree, including the branches. For example, if an apple tree is failing to produce apples or the apples produced are rotten, the solution is not to staple apples to the branches. No, the problem does not stem from the fruit on branches, but the roots of the tree. If the roots are healthy, the tree is more likely to be healthy. But if the roots are diseased, the whole tree suffers.

The entire human race is much like the branches of a tree, unfortunately, not connected to a healthy root system. All people are born branches of a particular root, Adam. The Bible teaches in Romans 5 that all people are sinners, born in Adam and therefore guilty before God. Adam is the father of humanity and because of this, all of humanity is born into sin. Adam sinned against God, brining his offspring, or branches, into sin with him. As branches of Adam, all are deemed guilty like him. Just as branches cannot claim autonomy from the roots, neither does any person have the ability to claim autonomy from their first father, Adam. This puts every person guilty before God, from birth, under the curse of Adam.

On Wednesday we will look at what God has done through Christ to rescue us from the curse of Adam.

In what ways do our lives show that we our corrupt and born into sin? What are our natural objections against being guilty because of Adam? How are those countered by Scripture?


-Pastor Erik Reed